A federal agency that doesn’t bother to thoroughly screen it’s employees? How wonderful. This is really supposed to make us feel safe in the hands of the feds? I think not.

When I applied for a federal position, I was screened so tightly, and while I thought it was rather stupid, I realized that we all went through the same drill, and this was probably one of the most well conducted screenings. After I’d applied for the position, I was “fired” from the job I had. The feds called me on the phone and asked me why I “lied” about being fired. I was pissed to the max and told the caller that I was not a mind-reader and if they’d look at the date of my application and the date of the firing, they would see as much. They wanted me to send them a written explanation of what had happened. I did, and when the time came for a home visit, I was told not to worry about that incident as it had been excused, and that if I flew through the rest of the ordeal, the job was mine. They apologized for being so stupid about that incident. Needless to say, I got the job, and a nice security clearance as well.

The feds are obviously more than capable of making stupid mistakes. Fortunately for me, I got the job i spite of their stupidity. Do I think that something like I went through back then would go so smoothly today? Not a chance in hell. Just because I’m a former federal employee doesn’t mean I trust the feds any farther than I can throw them (outside of my friends who still work there). There is no trust factor when it comes to the feds, and the TSA is a shining example of this.